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Télécommunications de l’Est, a member of the Iristel family, offers a wide range of products and services. In order to give you the best customer service, we recommend contacting the appropriate department so we can provide you with the right information. Don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to commonly asked questions

Iristel – what’s a cloud-based phone system?

“Cloud-based” means that the infrastructure and network delivering the business phone and fax system is located in our multiple, secure data centers across Canada and delivered to your business over the Internet. You don’t need any capital investment and avoid the hassle of installing and managing complex hardware in your office.

Iristel – what is VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) allows you to make and receive phone calls over a secure internet connection instead of a standard phone line. With VoIP, the standard telephone audio is converted into a digital format that can be transmitted over the Internet versus a land wire.

Iristel – how many lines can I purchase?

You can purchase as many lines as you need for your business. We have a number of affordable packages to choose from, and additional lines can also be purchased.

Iristel – how much do the devices cost?

Devices are included with your Hosted PBX and Unified Communication package, at no extra charge.

Iristel – can I transfer my existing phone numbers?

Yes, you can transfer (port) your existing toll-free or local phone numbers to Iristel. Your sales representative will ask you to sign a Letter of Authorization (LOA) to approve the transfer of your numbers from your existing provider.

The porting process takes approximately 2 weeks and is dependent on how quickly your current provider releases the phone numbers.

Iristel – what happens when I lose power or my Internet connection?

Forward calls to your cell phone, so even if your office Internet or power is lost, calls can still be made and received, and faxes can be accessed from your email.

Iristel – can I use my existing analog or IP phones with Iristel Hosted PBX?

We don’t recommend using your existing phones. We will provide you with phones as part of your package. Iristel will be responsible for and support any issues that may arise with the phones during the term of your contract.

Iristel – what is Basic 911?

With Basic 911 (B911) the user’s telephone number and location are not automatically transmitted to the operator. The operator at the answering location verbally obtains the pertinent information that identifies the caller’s need and physical location. The operator then determines the appropriate agency and transfers the caller.

Toshiba – how to change the time?

intercom + #652 + HHMMSS + #

The time must be entered in 24-hour format, example: for 3:25 p.m. (152500).

Toshiba – how to change the date?

intercom + #651 + YYMMDD + #

Toshiba – what is the procedure for forwarding a call to a cell phone?

To activate: intercom + #6011 + 9 + cell phone number + #

To deactivate: intercom + #6051

Ericsson – LG – what is the procedure for forwarding a call to a cell phone?

To activate: pick up the handset + FWD + 9 + cell number + “save”

To deactivate: pick up the handset + FWD + #

Ericsson – LG – how to make a three-way call?

Make a call + conf + make the 2nd call + press Conf twice to join.

Ericsson – LG – how to record corporate greetings?

On the receiving phone, press PGM button + 06 + VSF number + 1 + # to start recording + “save” to end.

What is the territory covered by the pager network?

The territory covered by our network of pagers in Bas-Saint-Laurent and Gaspésie includes the municipalities and regions of Rimouski, Mont-Joli, Matane and all of Gaspésie. Our network also extends to the North Shore, particularly in the cities of Sept-Îles and Port-Cartier.

How do you send a message to a pager?

By telephone, by dialing the pager number, at at the bottom of the page, or by the direct link.

A pager, is it two-way?

No, the equipment only allows you to receive messages.

I have no cell signal, could an amplifier or booster give me some?

A cellular signal booster or booster improves the quality of existing signals from your cordless phones at home, in the office, or inside a vehicle. The signal can be improved by one or two bars on your cell phone to several bars. To amplify the signals, it therefore takes a minimum signal to be present first.

Is it possible to rent a SPOT (satellite messaging)?

We do not rent out satellite messaging. However we have several models available for sale. Satellite phone rental is also available.

Is it possible to rent a satellite phone for the hunting or fishing season?

Yes, satellite phone rental is available. We can also rent a fleet of radio equipment that will allow you to talk, for example, between hunters.

I would like to request a quote – call for tenders (RFP). What email can I forward my request to?

You can email us.

How to apply for a job offer?

Simply forward your CV to us via email.


Is it possible to speak to someone before sending my CV?

Yes, absolutely you can reach Vicky Blanchette, Director of Human Resources at 1-800-463-9400 ext# 351.

What are the career opportunities in the company?

The positions that are most often posted are those of Customer Service Advisor and Service Technician. However, we occasionally have different needs, whether in administration or in a more technical aspect. If you have technical knowledge and/or experience related to our products, please forward your CV to us.

With a radio on the NOMAD Mobile Network, is it possible to go on the internet and Facebook?

No, these functions are not supported.

Is the coverage (performance) of the NOMAD Mobile Network the same with a portable radio as with a mobile radio?

No. There is less of a coverage on a portable radio, largely due to unit power, antenna efficiency, antenna height and signal loss caused by vehicle structure when the radio is used indoors.

Is it possible to use a radio on the NOMAD Mobile Network and on a conventional analogue frequency?

Yes, but not at the same time. When the radio is operating on the NOMAD Mobile Network, it’s not able to connect to an analog frequency at the same time. The user must select, using the menus or button, the mode to be used.

Does a radio on the NOMAD Mobile Network work everywhere?

No, the radio must be in an area that is covered by the NOMAD Mobile Network.

If you cannot find an answer to your question in this Frequently Asked Questions, don’t hesitate to write to us and submit your question directly.
We’ll be happy to make improvements to this section.


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Management team

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General Manager
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Félix Thibeault,
Finance Director
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Vicky Blanchette,
Director of Human Resources
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Jonathan Gagné,
Director of Infrastructure Technologies
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Engineering and Deployment Manager
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Marie-Eve Thibault,
Marketing Manager
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Assistant Manager Sales and Infrastructure Technology
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Eddy Therriault,
Business Telephony Equipment Manager
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Christian Aubé,
Enterprise Sales Manager
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Jean Labrie,
RENIR Manager
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Yves Messier,
Director Business Development

Wayne Malouin,
Regional Director
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Sébastien Poirier Arsenault,
Regional Director
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