Satellite communications

Taking it with you could save your life

We are distributors of the most popular satellite services on the market. We offer a wide range of satellite communications products for voice, data, and location. For all your satellite communications needs, including purchases, rentals, services or custom-designed solutions, our consultants are at your disposal, right across Canada.


Satellite phone service

Today, nothing seems easier than making a phone call, but unfortunately, this is still not the case everywhere. This very useful service is often not accessible via a cell phone even though it covers 99.7% of populated areas and far less in remaining Canadian territories. Satellite phone calls are available now, but there are still some idiosyncrasies regarding incoming and outgoing calls, coverage in buildings, types of phone numbers, related fees and coverage that vary by providers. This is where our team can help you make the right choice for your specific needs.


Security and peace of mind for you and your family

Works where cellphone service not available

More affordable and easier than ever


We distribute portable and fixed Iridium phones. Many options are available, including voice mail and low-speed data transfer via modem. With Iridium, communication is possible almost anywhere on the planet, with excellent digital voice clarity and unparalleled reliability thanks to the recently renewed network.

The first choice of transatlantic sailors, Iridium is also used on treks to the North and South Poles. It may be the perfect choice for your busy lifestyle or work that demands absolute reliability.

Satellite messaging equipment

Satellite messaging is a safe and secure way to send messages using satellites to email addresses, SMS and more. This equipment does not allow for voice calls, but it does allow you to send out an SOS when you are in the woods and to reassure your loved ones by indicating your position. That’s why we offer a range of state-of-the-art devices to help you communicate wherever you need. Generally, these devices are more affordable than those that allow phone calls, and their subscription costs are also more accessible to everyone. Several options are available, so talk to us to make the right choice!

Did you know that of the 7,400 SPOT-initiated rescues conducted worldwide before 2021, 30% were performed in Canada? Quebec represents 18% of the rescues done in Canada, for a total of 399. Adventure awaits but nature is unpredictable. Stay safe with a SPOT device.


Easy-to-carry format and superior battery life

Works where cellphone service is not available

Uses Globalstar and Iridium satellite technology and GPS systems

Spot X

SPOT X allows you to send two-way text messages via satellite when you are off the grid or beyond reliable cellular coverage. Connect your SPOT X to your smartphone using Bluetooth wireless technology. With the SPOT X application, you can access your contact list and easily communicate with family and friends, and directly with search and rescue services in a life-threatening situation. Whether by preference or by necessity, SPOT X can be used as a stand-alone communication device through its keyboard. SPOT X has its own Canadian mobile phone number allowing your contacts to text you directly at anytime.

Spot GEN4

SPOT Gen4 provides you with a critical, one-way communication link that can save lives when you are travelling beyond the limits of reliable cellular service. SPOT Gen4 lets your family, friends, and co-workers know you are safe, or in the event of an unexpected situation, the unit transmits your GPS location to emergency responders. All this at the touch of a button. Add this rugged, pocket-sized device to your list of essentials and stay connected no matter where you go—for leisure or work.

Spot Trace

Offers a tracking service in case of theft of your boat, snowmobile, car, etc. Receive a text or email message as soon as movement of your property is detected or track it with Google Maps at anytime from your phone or computer.


InReach’s offering differs from that of the SPOT family in that it offers 100% comprehensive coverage, monthly billing with no annual contract, and the ability to change plans at anytime. This equipment can integrate advanced GPS maps and navigation assistance. Their service meets specific needs, and their advanced solutions are suited to even the most complex requirements.

Satellite phone rental

Renting a satellite phone is a good alternative for daily or weekly needs. Travel in complete safety! We have a fleet of satellite phones available for you. A carrier for your phone, including a case, a 110v charger and a 12V charger will be made available.

A perfect solution for a sporadic, one-time need.

Within North America: $2.99 per minute including long distance. Roaming charges may apply if calls are made outside North America.

Equipment rates:
$99 per 7 days – no daily rate
$299 per 30 days


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