NOMAD Mobile Network

The perfect complement to your cellphone!

The NOMAD Mobile Network offers individuals, business, and public services access to a reliable, high-performance digital wireless radio solution in regions and territories of Eastern Quebec not served by cellular networks. More than a technological advance, this network is an ideal tool for economic and social development, helping to ensure the security of communities that will never again be isolated. Our LMR network can also be expanded to any location in Canada.

Réseau mobile NOMADE anglais


Works where cellphone service is not available

The most advanced digital service in Canada

Extensive coverage with more than 38 operational sites

A satisfied customer!

Thank you to Mr. Peter Camden and the entire ZEC Bas-Saint-Laurent team for your trust.

Our client ZEC Bas-Saint-Laurent is a good example of the benefits of migrating from analog to digital. The fact that users have access to telephone calls on their radio, allows them to make external calls in places where no cellular network is available.

ZEC BSL - commentaire client

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