Radio communication

Fast and efficient communications to suit your needs

Radio communication can help your company improve and maximize its communications. With over 45 years of technical experience, a team of seasoned technicians, and extensive knowledge of the territory, Télécommunications de l’Est is able to provide the solution to suit your needs.

With the largest number of radio, pager, and telemetry transmitting stations spread over more than 80 sites in Eastern Quebec and Northern New Brunswick, Télécommunications de l’Est has the infrastructure required to ensure reliable and clear communications. We can also build a private network or extend our mobile network to anywhere in Canada.



Tailor-made solutions

Coverage to suit your needs

Private system with low recurring cost


Services provided

Mobile and portable radio communication

Several brands of product for vehicles or workers adapted to maximize communication potential in all work environments.

Analog and digital transmission

Solutions are available incorporating standard analog technology as well as DMR II and DMR III digital mode solutions.


Mobile telephone service

Making and receiving phone calls from your radio is also possible.


Private and public networks

We serve customers who have their own systems as well as customers who use shared public repeaters or our NOMAD Mobile Network.


Integrated radio systems

We allow multiple systems to communicate with each other.

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Shared channel repeaters

When communication volume is significant, shared channel repeaters allow several users to use the system simultaneously. The NOMAD Mobile Network is a shared channel network.

Equipment rental for your events

We have a fleet of rental units available for use on a specific site or in isolated areas, whether for a weekend, a month or even for the summer.

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Repairs, programming, installation

Our technical team is available to answer all your needs!

Rental of radio communication sites

With over 80 telecom sites, we allow other companies and institutions to install their own equipment on our towers.

NOMAD Mobile Network

We also operate a digital network of over 25 sites under the NOMAD Mobile Network banner, visit the website for more details.

Coverage extension with simplex radios

The SFR “ Single Frequency Repeater ” function allows you to add a digital mobile radio which can use 2 channels at the same time to receive and transmit simultaneously. This radio acts as a repeater, improving communications distance between two radios.

Sectors of activity

  • Security and emergency services
  • Public Services
  • Transport and delivery
  • Mobile services
  • Construction
  • Mining
  • Forestry
  • Farming
  • Accommodations and food services
  • Property management
  • Events
  • Manufacturing


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