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High-speed Internet for business

We currently offer internet services in most regions of eastern Quebec. Our internet services are delivered via a fiber optic network or a hybrid network of fiber optic and coaxial cable. Various data speeds and rate plans are available to meet your business needs. Our internet services combined with other value added services allows you to have a single provider for greater simplicity.

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Simple single-vendor sourcing

Reliable technology


High-quality connectivity that boosts your business Internet

High quality products that allow you to extend your data network over short and long distances using wireless connectivity. Whether extending your computer network, your camera system, IP telephony, access control, radio communication, telemetry or Wi-Fi signal, these products can be combined in various ways to meet all needs, including connecting two buildings in the same city, several buildings on a campus, or even a remote site. All these options are possible thanks to wireless connectivity. We offer a range of products with variable data rates to suit your needs, as well as a choice of licensed and unlicensed frequencies to meet a broad spectrum of reliability requirements. Our team can design a system that meets your expectations and provide high-quality, top-of-the-line products that meet Industry Canada standards. Wireless extensions can save you money in the long term by limiting your expenses with telecommunication providers or giving you the ability to reach places where the Internet is not available.

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Tailor-made solutions

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