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Rimouski, November 8, 2016. ‘Daniel Gignac, General Manager of Télécommunications de l’Est, announces the implementation of the new NOMAD digital mobile wireless network in the Gaspésie, Bas-Saint-Laurent, Côte-Nord and northern New Brunswick regions.

New technology

Individuals, industries, and public services in remote regions and territories of eastern Quebec, not served by a cellular network, will no longer be isolated! With the NOMAD Mobile Network, they will have access to an excellent wireless communication solution. Using frequencies in the VHF (Very High Frequency) range and based on the open DMR Tier III (Digital Mobile Radio Tier III) protocol, the NOMAD Mobile Network will offer a high-performance wireless communication service, complementary to that of the cellular network, which will contribute to the economic development and security of users in these areas.

According to Mr. Gignac, “economic activity is taking place everywhere in this vast area. People work and vacation there. The project announced today provides a real solution to communication needs that cannot be met by current cellular or satellite technologies at a realistic implementation cost.”

Technological advances offered by the network:

  • Duplex telephone communication equivalent to that of cellphones
  • Innovative and powerful devices
  • Innovative group, individual, and telephone communications
  • Options to increase worker safety
  • Functions specific to municipalities and public safety
  • A location of the workforce
  • Interaction with cellphones
  • Data integration
  • Features to extend coverage to non-electrified telecom sites at affordable costs

Network coverage

Eventually, the NOMAD Mobile Network will cover 98% of the Gaspésie and Bas-Saint-Laurent regions, as well as the road network and all municipalities on the Côte-Nord. Coverage will also extend to Gloucester, Madawaska, Northumberland, Restigouche, and Victoria counties in New Brunswick. The cost of this project is estimated at $6 million and could be completed within three years. The project is affordable because the company’s existing multitude of telecom sites minimizes the investment required. Coverage will expand to other provinces and territories across the country through a network of partners in the future.

Network availability

Following two years of active work on the project, the company began selling SIMOCO radiotelephones, which function on the current networks that have been operated by Télécommunications de l’Est for thirty-five years. This equipment will be usable on the new digital network as soon as the final tests, which are currently underway, are completed and the network is officially in service.

Technical partners for the project

The NOMAD Mobile Network is the result of cooperation between many partners and suppliers who have distinguished themselves in the accomplishment of this project while working in close collaboration with Télécommunications de l’Est (TDE), the owners and operators of the network.

As the Canadian representative of SIMOCO, GDE Sales was involved in the commercial agreement and provided ongoing support for TDE. SIMOCO is the manufacturer of the Tier III DMR network equipment used in the construction of the NOMAD Mobile Network and the radiotelephone equipment used. The company has also developed a range of new features to make the network fully responsive to the needs of Canada’s regions.

All of the technological development required to set up the network was carried out by six different companies located in China, the United Kingdom (two), California and Rimouski (two).

Financial partners of the project

TDE would like to acknowledge the financial participation of the partners who made the first phase of the project possible, namely Canada Economic Development for Quebec Regions, Fonds de solidarité FTQ, Desjardins Capital régional et coopératif, National Bank and the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC).

About Télécommunications de l’Est

Télécommunications de l’Est (TDE) is a leader in telecommunications in eastern Quebec and has been contributing to the development of telecommunications in the Bas-Saint-Laurent, Gaspé, Côte-Nord, and New Brunswick regions for more than 35 years. The company, which operates more than 100 telecom sites, 10 branches and employs 60 people in these territories, has formed alliances with leading telecom companies to make the NOMAD Mobile Network a reality.

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Mr. Daniel Gignac, CEO of Télécommunications de l’Est.