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We... are telecommunications!


Télécommunications de l'Est is an entirely regional business established since 1978, which offers sale, rental and repair services of telecommunication equipment. The company has not stopped progressing, multiplying its infrastructures and its outlets in order to create more efficient mobile communications, via radio or pager, in the vast region of Eastern Quebec. Télécommunications de l'Est is also proud to offer quality service for cellular phones, satellite phones, phone systems for businesses, surveillance cameras, satellite internet and wireless data transmission.

The business, whose main office is located in Matane, Quebec, operate a dozen outlets in the following cities: Maria, Gaspé, Rimouski, Sept-Iles, creating a team of over 50 employees.

Télécommunications de l'Est serves the largest group of clients in radiocommunications in the Lower Saint-Lawrence, Gaspe, North Shore, and Northern New Brunswick areas. Télécommunications de l'Est has built for itself, over the years, an excellent reputation in each of these areas, thanks to the dedication of its highly qualified staff, the company's expertise and its capacity to innovate in radiocommunications as well as in many other technological fields.


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